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Boy I Saw – poetic foray

16 Jul

Small bare feet, smoking, no shirt,
Reading a heavy paperback –
Fantasy I think
Too big jacket, member of what exactly?

Tattoos on stomach
Why wear a shirt when
You’re rockin’ the m.o.

Talking to self,
Who’s worthy of garbled intelligence?

Cool breeze refreshes.
When will it be too cool
For bare feet, bare belly, bare all?

Eyes blank, sad and smart.
Moving past,
Another planter to lean on.


Highlights Chautauqua Writers Workshop (via Writing and Illustrating)

27 Dec

Highlights Chautauqua Writers Workshop Have you always wanted to go to the Writer's Workshop that Highlights runs in Chautauqua, NY, but have┬áhesitated to pursue your dream due to finances. The Highlights Foundation offers scholarships and now is the time to apply for consideration. A lot of children's writers dream of the Highlights Foundation Writers Workshop at Chautauqua. "Next year," they promise themselves. "Next year I'm going to Chautauqua!" Then reality sets in. The drive and … Read More

via Writing and Illustrating