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Writing & Learning Simultaneously

20 Nov

I haven’t posted anything on EKL writes! since the summer (or thereabouts). I have been stalking my own blog, reading others and just trying to figure out how this blogging stuff works. There is also this full-time job, bathroom remodel, the people in my life who I actually like to spend time with, and my own laziness that gets in the way of writing.  So I’ve decided to write more and worry less about what categories I have on the blog, or if I’ve successfully connected to facebook? Do I really want to? I’ll continue to work, write, and blog with the grand idea that one of my children’s books will be published, and finally someone will recognize my infinite genius. Bronze statues on school lawns will be planned. I read recently an interview of a literary agent. She said that she likes to work with authors who’s main goal is not to GET published but to BE published as in a continuing state of being. Sounds good, but still have to jump the speedbump of GET before I can BE.


Day 1 of Blogging!

26 Dec

I am a school librarian and aspiring author. I was focussing on children’s books and articles, but find I know so much about so many darn topics — the world is my writing oyster. I’m using this site to share my writing with a select few whose input I believe will make me a better thinker and author.