You Are a Writer

4 Aug

You are a writer.

You write one word.

You write another word.

You have your own special words.

You write a sentence.

You write a trio of sentences.

There are details, subjects, verbs and a few adjectives.

You write a paragraph.

The next paragraph arrives on the page with a splash and you whisper “cool” to your pencil.

The words pour out of your pencil.

Then they stop.

You wait. The words are gone, hiding out. You rub your forehead to bring them back. You drink some kool-aid, eat some potato chips. You watch TV . You play some video games. You don’t want to be a writer. It is too hard.

But you are. You wake up at night and switch on the desk lamp. You look for your pencil and paper.

The words are back.

They jump onto the page. Some are so fast. You scribble them down and they are messy.

The paragraphs get together for a party and they make a story.

You wrote a word.

You wrote a sentence.

You wrote a paragraph.

You wrote a story.

You are a writer.


One Response to “You Are a Writer”

  1. livingkim August 4, 2011 at 2:00 pm #

    For early readers/writers.

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